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Our Approach to Sustainability

At inn, we have two phrases which guide our approach to zero-waste: 

Progress not perfection:

We want to make living a zero-waste lifestyle as accessible and inclusive as possible. Single-use plastics and waste generation are a massive problem and therefore we need as many people trying to combat it as possible. However, change is hard. If we want to create impactful, systemic change then we need to recognise this and ensure that making a change is as easy as possible. You don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to get it right the first time or all the time. Being a vegetarian 5 days a week is better than no days a week. Reducing your waste by 20% is better than not even trying to reduce it. Incremental change is better than no change and intention is important. This is true on both a personal and a business level. We know our business is not perfect and there is room for improvement. Our intention is there, and we are always striving to be better. 

Circular not linear:

Our current lifestyle revolves around the linear idea of production, consumption and disposal. To combat waste generation we need to shift from linear to circular. And within this circular economy, recycling (alone) is not the answer. Recycling requires resources and energy and, at the end of the day, only delays the materials from getting to landfill. Many stores have switched to packaging their products in paper bags as opposed to plastic. Whilst these are recyclable, we don’t agree that they are the best solution for the problem we are addressing as they are typically disposed of after a single use (the UK Environment Agency found that a paper bag is only better than a plastic one if used 4 or more times). We believe the most impactful way of reducing packaging waste is for the packaging to be reusable. This is why we operate a closed loop delivery system which generates as little packaging waste as possible. At inn, we term this ‘zero-waste without the waste’.