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A guide to our packaging



All our packaging is re-usable and gets collected by us when we next deliver. This means nothing goes to landfill, and we don't waste energy producing new packaging for every purchase.

Your dried goods come in jute bags, and your liquids come in spout pouches. Both are designed to be easy storage and easy to empty into your own containers.

Remember, you only need to post back your packaging if you live outside of London or if you are not going to be making another order for a long time. It's much better for the environment if our delivery riders pick up your used packaging on the next delivery. 

When you are ready to send back your packaging, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Remove the pre-paid postage label from outer sack. 
  2. Place all the used jute bags and spout pouches into the outer sack.
  3. First, fold the top of the bag inwards on the fold lines.
  4. Peel the tape on the bottom of the bag.
  5. Fold the bottom of the bag inwards on the fold lines (there may be more than two fold lines depending on the bag size, make sure you fold on all of these).
  6. Stick the tape to the bag and secure this.
  7. Place the pre-paid postage stamp on the bag.
  8. Post this back to us at your nearest red post box or post office.